Call for submission for anthology, titled ‘Bigfoot Country’

Celticfrog Publishing is looking for stories about Bigfoot/Sasquatch/Yeti. The genre is open, but stories should be PG. Maximum word count of 4,000 words. If your story goes over that, send it in, but expect to be edited down. Submissions open with this posting and close February 1, 2024. Stories submitted after the deadline will not be read. We are looking for exclusive first publication rights, but reprints will be considered. Please send information about where the story was first published and indicate that you have the right to republish the work. All rights revert to the authors one year after the publication date.

We haven’t set a maximum size for the book, but we won’t publish if the book is substantially under 60k words. With the response to the initial call, we don’t think having too few stories will be an issue, but Celticfrog Publishing reserves the right to not publish if there is insufficient content to make a quality anthology.

We are looking for stories that feature Bigfoot, (or the other names for the being, I will use Bigfoot to talk about them all) they can be about a sighting, or be from the creature’s point of view, and anything in between. The only proviso is that Bigfoot must be the central point of the story. Whether you stay with common Bigfoot lore or go in a completely different direction is up to you.

We want stories with strong plot and character, pull us into the story, don’t just tell us about it. Make the story your own, we don’t want retellings of well-worn paths, but tales that enthrall and entertain. We’re open to anything that tells a story, so a play, an epic poem, a graphic story, all are welcome.

Send in the most polished work you can manage. Use beta readers for plot and character and work on the technical part of your writing. All stories will be edited at least once. We will read and edit stories as they come in, but final decisions about which stories will be included will happen after February 1. Sending in revisions will help your chance of selection. We like to work with authors who are eager to improve their work.

Final revisions will be due March 1, 2024, any stories with outstanding revisions at that time will be dropped. We’re on a tight schedule and won’t have time to chase after work.

Each accepted author will receive a minimum of $100 Canadian and an author’s copy. Authors may order as many copies as they wish at wholesale prices, which will be determined by the size of the book. Payment is upon publication.

We will run a Kickstarter campaign in February 2024. This is an opportunity for the authors to increase their pay by being part of the team supporting the campaign. More about that when the final list is selected. All submitters are invited to join a newsletter keeping them up to date with the progress of the book regardless of whether their story is chosen.

Questions and submissions can be directed to celticfrog(at) Please use docx format.