I have a number of books recently released in 2021 and early 22:

Warrior Angel, a book about raising a son with disability by Susan Dunnigan.

C’mon Everyone, Let’s Boogie is a book created by Marci Beauchamp as a fundraising project for Boogie on the Bridge, an annual race supporting programs in Kamloops, BC

Eillen Bell has been busy with two new books and one being released this spring. Riverland and other poems, a collection of poems, many inspired by her childhood in Kamloops. Selkirk to Sagebrush, a novela about two brothers arriving in Kamloops and heading north to help with haying. And coming out any time now, Rachel and the Golden Glasses a young adult novella about glasses which may or may not change the weather, and how they affect Rachel and her family.

Don Barz wrote a book detailing his father and uncle’s adventures in the Yukon.

Michelle Pilluk has been busy with poetry. Her first book is mostly about Kamloops and the events there.

A children’s book by Esther Sellars Chye, Chye Skudigus, an indigenous tale told by Esther’s grandmother.

Still to come in 2022 are my books Victoria Run, third in the Blue in Kamloops series, and Shieldmaiden’s Quest, the follow up to Hero’s Call. I don’t have covers yet, but watch for them.

I am negotiating printing books for other people including a story about a Canadian Paratrooper from the Kamloops area, another children’s book by Marci Beauchamp called Splash!